Posted by on Nov 20, 2013



I’m a big fan of this Stephen Kijak documentary about Scott Walker, so much so that I have designed some alternative poster artwork (I designed the original theatrical campaign, and the subsequent DVD and blu-ray packaging). I intend to do more of these as time allows. It’s always fun, and a little cathartic, to do something outside of commercial constraints, especially when it’s for something you have strong feelings about.

The first is based on the original image of Scott Walker that I used on the original Special Edition DVD artwork. The second is based on the idea of meat – both in his treatment by the record industry that caused him to become a recluse, and his use of meat as a percussion instrument (possibly as a means of his own catharsis for the former) as shown in the film. It also conjures some of the visceral imagery of the album (The Drift) itself. The final poster uses the imagery of a vinyl record, but re-imagined as the mechanism of a combination lock.

I intend to make these available to buy sometime soon as limited edition prints. In the meantime, you can buy the original artwork I did for the film, wrapped around a blu-ray or DVD here.