I'm Karl. I come up with simple, powerful visual ideas to help you sell what you love, be it your film, your business or your madcap scheme. Have a look at these examples below, or browse my portfolio for many more.

About me

What can I do?

While a large proportion of my work has been on film campaigns, the unique demands of this field prepares you for almost anything the world of design can throw at you: from capturing the essence of a brand, to communicating a coherent message, all the way down to taking care of design details, like appropriate and convincing photo manipulation. As a result I have been trusted with major design, logo and branding projects from small family enterprises all the way up to massive multinationals.

How do I work?

However you want. I can work to a brief, a budget, or any other way you would like. I can give fixed cost prices, or I can work to an hourly rate (normally, I prefer the latter – it tends to work out best for both parties, but we can talk about that). Central to my life and work philosophy is that I run a very lean and efficient studio which keeps me responsive and flexible, and gives you a fast, friendly and direct service.

Technical stuff?

Yup. I’m primarily a visuals guy, but I can do a bit of the technical stuff as well, and advise you on how best to hang things together. I have experience in using a range of CMS systems, and have been making websites since websites were invented. And if there’s just too much of this technical stuff going on for me to do myself, I have a team of freelancing geniuses waiting in the wings to help us out.