Funghi foragers Deb Hampson and Bengt Saxmark wanted a new and funky, but simple and low cost packaging solution for their range of delicious handpicked Swedish wild mushrooms. After some research I decided to create iconic illustrations for the range, and colour code the varieties, but the keep the range coherent at the same time.



The great news is that sales have soared since the redesign, our little funghi friends spreading far and wide from the High Peak base all the way into the fashionable parts of London’s Soho. I’ve had great feedback from Deb and Bengt, and the reports on the packaging from retailers has been fantastic. Don’t take it from me though – here’s what Deb says:


When we decided it was time to revamp our wild mushroom business with a new look and name, Get Funghi, we asked our friendly local graphic designer Karl Sinfield to design the labels. Armed with a few mushroom books, some photos and our slightly foggy description of what we wanted them to look like Karl produced a set of labels that captured the essence of each mushroom and the funky look we wanted exactly. We couldn’t have been more delighted with them and the proof that they are one of our most valuable marketing tools is that new customers comment on how much they like the labels before they have even tasted the mushrooms! We really do appreciate Karl’s ongoing input in getting the business to the next level.


Here they are, resplendent in their branded aprons: